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ACWAIT-Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh
BAT-Bluewater Against Turbines
CHAT- Central Huron Against Turbines
HALT Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines
HEAT-Huron East Against Turbines
Middlesex Lambton Wind-Action
SWEAR - Safe Wind Energy for Everyone
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Act Now!

Write to your MPP expressing your concerns Lisa Thompson and tell her this is not how you want to see your West Coast.

Join the call for social justice for rural Ontario and the development of a safe, environmentally sensitive and economically viable energy policy. Challenge the Green Energy Act as it relates to Industrial Wind Turbines by signing this petition

Link to Central Huron Council

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WindyLeaks   The Society for Wind Vigilance  
Industrial Wind Action Group   Wind Farm Realities  
Wind Turbine Syndrome   Wind PowerGrab  
European Platform Against Windfarms   Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts  
    North American Platform Against Windpower  

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