Is This How You Want to See Ontario's West Coast?

This map shows the industrial wind turbine projects currently proposed for Huron County. The dots indicate 422 turbines. It represents some of the largest and highest density wind developments in a populated rural area anywhere. In addition another developer is now acquiring land west of Hwy 21 north of Goderich.

Lucrative 20 year contracts under the Green Energy Act (GEA) have created a corporate frenzy in high wind areas of Ontario. As one wind industry rep. pointed out recently, “Ontario - with its feed-in tariff - is hot”, ‘They are trying to shoehorn projects there right now”.

With setbacks to homes, roads and property lines that seem to be based more on developer wishes than sound science, it is one of the greatest social justice challenges rural Ontario has ever faced.

Unfortunately the GEA restricts municipal governments’ planning authority. But their responsibility under the Municipal Act for the health and safety of their citizens remains unchanged.

As these developments are being proposed along major bird and bat migratory routes up and down Lake Huron it also represents a serious threat to wildlife.

Please write to your MPP expressing your concerns Lisa Thompson and tell her this is not how you want to see your West Coast.

If you’d like to help, contact one of the local groups:;;; BAT-

Please join the call for social justice for rural Ontario and the development of a safe, environmentally sensitive and economically viable energy policy.

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